What is a flour sack towel?

Flour sack towels have been used by homemakers for centuries. As early as the 1800's, many suppliers packaged products like flour, sugar, and animal feed in cotton sacks. Resourceful women like my mother and grandmother would repurpose those used sacks into useful goods for their home. 

During the Great Depression, resources were difficult to come by, so flour sack towels became particularly popular. Manufacturers began to print designs on their sacks as a way to entice homemakers to buy their brand. Basic white towels were exchanged for new towels with bright prints, colors, and patterns.

In the 1950s, flour companies exchanged the cotton sacks for paper as a way to cut costs. But the now-ubiquitous white cotton towel was so useful that they remain popular in American households to this day.

Not all flour sacks towels are created equal. Towels sold at big box stores are often made from lower quality material, and aren't as soft or as durable as the towels we remember from childhood.

Tee-Towels wanted to designed a towel that would look and feel like the old-fashioned flour sack towels we remember. We use 100% premium cotton for a pure, durable towel you'll use again and again.

You can tell the difference in quality, no matter the task. Tee-Towels are:

  • Lint-Free - Polish glassware and surfaces to a spotless shine.
  • Absorbent - Porous, 100% cotton handles spills better than standard, terry-cloth kitchen towels.
  • Naturally Soft - Our towels become softer and softer with every wash, no harsh fabric softener needed.
  • Stylish - Our crisp white towel is a timeless accent for any home.
  • Unique - Each towel is adorned with original artwork that you won't find anywhere else.

Bring the classic quality of the flour sack towel to your home today with our collection of vintage-inspired towels