Janie's Story

Our vintage-inspired flour sack towels are inspired by family. Tee-Towels is inspired by you.
Janie, front and center, surrounded by her family one New Year’s Eve. Naida is directly behind her, wearing blue.


My mom, Naida, was a force of nature. Some of my best memories were spent in her kitchen, where she welcomed dusty farm hands, church guild ladies, and scores of aunts, uncles and cousins alike.


When company would come, I’d often perch atop a chrome and leather kitchen stool, surrounded by laughter and bustling, pastel-patterned skirts. I’d listen and watch as my mother flew from oven to table, filling the room with her vivacious energy.


Nearly always, she kept a clean, flour-sack towel tucked into her apron. With it, she was equally ready to polish a spot from her good glassware, sop up an overturned bottle of vanilla extract, or dry my tears when the day’s game of hide-and-seek went sour.


I clearly remember the creative designs she and my aunts would stitch into towels. Each hand-made decoration was a pretty addition that turned a simple cotton towel into a piece of home.


Tee-Towels is inspired by women like Naida. Strong and vivacious. Feminine and generous. When you make Tee-Towels a piece of your home, you share a little of Naida’s everyday joy with your family, too.


With love,


Janie Winters