About Tee-Towels™

The Winters family.
Janie Winters, Lon Winters, and their daughter Alex at a family reunion. The Hardinger Dairy was owned by Jane's grandfather.

About Tee-Towels™

In 2017, Janie Winters started printing her 100% cotton, vintage-inspired Tee-Towels™ in the basement of her Elizabeth, Colorado home. She wanted to create an old-fashioned, durable, flour sack towel like the ones her mom, Naida, used to use.

Working together with the art team at Graphic Elephants, Jane and Lon’s garment embellishment business, Janie designed vintage-inspired towels for holidays, special occasions, and every day use.

Today, Janie continues to print each Tee-Towel on her workstation in the basement. Janie's husband, Lon, has lovingly dubbed this area of their house "the cage" because of the dog-proof barriers Janie set-up to ward off their rambunctious husky, Bear. 

Tee-Towels™ is a part of Graphic Elephants, which Lon founded in 1993 as Print This, Inc. Graphic Elephants is a small, award-winning garment embellishment business with an elephant-sized international reputation for innovation and excellence. To learn more about Graphic Elephants, visit graphicelephants.com.