Proud Sister Moment!

EVERYONE I have to be a proud sister for a second... my brother Walt was just recognized with the 2018 Conservation Farm Award by the South Platte Natural Resources District!

Walt has always been an incredible caretaker of the land, carrying on the tradition from my dad, and his dad before him. It's amazing to see him recognized for his hard work and excellence in his field - literally! :)

Here's what the folks from the Natural Resources District had to say about Walt:

"Like so many agriculture operations in this area the Narjes operation is a family affair. The love, pride and appreciation Walt has for his business is evident to anyone who knows him. People who spend a lifetime in this career know that farming and ranching isn't what you do, it's who you are.

Walt has dedicated his mind and heart to preserving the resources that support him. Over the years he has spent time and money investing in land improvements. Walt has worked with multiple agencies and experts to enhance the cropland and rangeland he owns and manages. His dedication has created a progressive operation that is constantly changing and adapting.

The SPNRD is proud to recognize the Narjes operation as the 2018 Conservation Farm of the Year."

AH! Seriously. SO proud. Thank you Walt for everything you do!

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Congratulations Walt! This is such great news. Jane, we love your tee towels & blog. Hope to order some soon. 💖💖
(Love, Laura & Doug)

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