A Rosy, Wonderful World

Photo: A just-bloomed red rose, picked from my sister's garden.

"I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you, and I think to myself what a wonderful world."

Louis Armstrong, "What a Wonderful World"

Happy June, lovelies. Summer is opening her bright blooms up for us as we enter the month of the red, red rose. This time of year is so full of life and warmth. I hope you can get out and spend some of the sunshine! Perhaps, like me, you'll be out in the garden, tending to your growing plants and flowers. I love seeing the blooms open up this time of year.

In my family, roses have a special significance. Red roses were my mom's favorite flower. It's impossible for any of us to see a red rose without feeling a heart beat of my mom's love and joy.

She took such delight in each individual flower, though she was given them almost constantly by friends and family who knew how she loved them. But the frequency didn't matter. Every rose was a delight.

True to her form, mom loved the song, "What a Wonderful World." She'd pull the well-worn Louis Armstrong record out, and sing softly with him as he described the world as she knew it: wonderful.

And for mom, that was really true. Every day was wonderful. It was wonderful because the sky was blue. Because the clouds were white. Because sacred night would give way to blessed day. The world was wonderful because each day, she could watch her babies grow. The world was wonderful because somewhere, red roses bloom.

For mom, it was as if every single red rose was a small gift that God planted just for her. I wonder what life would be like if we all felt that same gratitude, joy, and wonder when we looked at the world around us. If my mom's life is any example, it would probably be pretty wonderful.

Where do you find everyday wonder? How do you take time to "stop and smell the roses," literally or metaphorically? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Love and blessings to you this wonderful June.


P.S. Plant the June Flower of the Tee-Towel in your kitchen today for a little extra rosy, extra wonderful touch all month long.

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