Happy National Farmers' Day!

A combine unloads wheat as my brother Walt harvests into the Night on the family farm in Sidney, Nebraska

In honor of National Farmers' Day, 10% off all sales from October 12 to October 14 will be donated to Farm Rescue, a non-profit organization that helps farmers and ranchers who have experienced a major illness, injury or natural disaster by providing the necessary equipment and manpower to plant, hay or harvest their crop. Learn more about Farm Rescue at farmrescue.org.

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I loved growing up on the farm. So much about who I am, how I think, and what I believe is because of the lessons I learned watching my parents as they threw their faith behind each seed, crop, and season.

Always, and especially today, on National Farmers' Day, I'm so grateful for the huge part of my life and heritage that comes from my childhood on our farm in Western Nebraska. Even now, when I see storms roll in over our backyard in Elizabeth, Colorado, my first thought is of all the farmers who look at that same sky, praying for God's protection, His timing, and His rain.

I remember years where the rain came too soon or too hard, taking out a promising wheat crop in just a few short hours. And other years, the rain didn't come often enough, drying up months of our labor, hope, and prayers. But no matter what happened, we'd faithfully return each Sunday to Trinity Lutheran South Divide Church, turning to God to take care of us, as only He could.

I'm so grateful to my parents, who loved us and brought us up to know how only God is in control. That remains true for all of us, farmers, business owners, and people alike. Farmers just see that fact more clearly. When all you can do is look to the heavens, you can't help but see God's hands at work. 

So thank you, farmers, wherever you are. I'm so proud of brother Walt who still farms the land my Dad and Grandfather cared for. He and my cousins still return to that little white church each and every week. Thank you for keeping us fed. Thank you for having faith. Thank you for keeping the tradition of farming alive.  

- Love, Janie


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